Shaping the future of skills in Devon & Somerset

Working with employers to help supply a better skills provision

Devon & Somerset Local Skills Improvement Plan aims to work with employers and education providers to produce a skilled workforce better matched to the needs of business.

Local Skills Improvement Plans are being implemented across the UK as part of the Government’s Skills Accelerator programme.

The Devon & Somerset Local Skills Improvement Plan is being jointly led by Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

Our LSIP Report has now been published following months of engagement with hundreds of businesses, who have helped us understand the key changes that are needed to make sure they have access to a skilled labour market equipped for the future of work.

The Report recommends 20 priority areas to help make that happen, with a clear roadmap for achieving those priorities. You can download the report in full below.


The development and publication of an annual LSIP Progress Report which involves employers, skills providers and other stakeholders and covers what has been achieved and what still needs to happen at a local level, is a key tenet of the LSIP programme.

Our Progress Report was due to be published on 30 June along with the Progress Reports from other local areas across the country and supported by national communications. As the 30 June now falls in the pre-election period the Department for Education (DfE) has asked us to postpone publication of our Progress Report until after the General Election.

This is in line with a lot of government funded publication activity during this time.  A revised date for publication will be set out by DfE in due course. In the meantime, our operational work to implement the LSIP continues.

Complete our LSIP Phase 2 Employer Survey

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in Phase 1 of our HotSW Local Skills Improvement Plan.

We are now in the process of implementing our priorities that we highlighted in the report and are asking for your feedback once more. One of our priorities is to make sure that our information is current and relevant. This involves us asking you, South West employers, for your thoughts and input.

If you can spare five minutes, please click the button below to complete our Google form.

Thank you for your input and time. If you have any questions, drop us an email at


This is an opportunity for employers to shape how their current and future workforce can access the right training to thrive in the modern, more digital and greener workplace

Jane Gratton, British Chambers of Commerce


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