How peer networking can help take your business to the next level

Peer Networking

Peer networks are one of the best ways to grow your business, and we’re inviting senior business leaders to join our programme here in the South West.

Our team can help you manage and overcome challenges within your own organisation by connecting you with, sharing and learning from other leaders in similar positions. 

In March 2024, we held our Peer Networking Group final evaluation and activity day at South Devon College‘s Marine Academy. 

Hosted by Helen Hart, Projects & Commercial Opportunities Manager at Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, the session was very positive, with every participant being able to evidence tangible benefits – whether that was personal growth and confidence, organisational improvements, productivity efficiencies or bottom-line financial gain. 

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us, including Peter Coxon, Ben Rotheray, Geoff Pring, Fi Horrell, Karen Meadows, Matt Whale, Matt Bolt, James Goodman, Kirstyn Munro, Ashley Thomas, and Tim Yorke-Dunne.

Thanks also to our hosts for the day, Adrian Bevin and Ian Fenton from South Devon College. Ian also cleverly linked our Chamber’s Connect, Grow, Succeed brand through rope, seaweed and successful completion of the on-water tasks!

If you would like to find out more about how you and your business can benefit from taking part in one of our Peer Networking sessions, please get in touch via the Devon & Plymouth Chamber website.

Below are some testimonials from business leaders who have taken part in Peer Networking sessions:

“Having the chance to discuss the challenges we face as business leaders has not only built strong relationships within our peer group but also provided several routes to growing our business in many aspects.”

– James Thomas, MD, JET Engineering

“I can be fairly sceptical about these things but every session gave me something productive to take away. I’ve made lots of subtle changes to how I work and have developed a new network I would have been unlikely to meet otherwise. The business has also completely overhauled its sales process as a result of the mentoring sessions you provided.”

– Tom Palmer, Director at Ocean City Media

“The effect that the Peer Networking sessions have had on our business has been transformative. We have worked our way through both short- and long-term challenges with a clear plan for growth. Not only that but the drive and impetus that the sessions have given myself – that has passed on to my team has been instant, and we’ll be feeling those effects for months and years to come. Plus, the connections we have made with fellow business owners have been extremely valuable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Also a special thank you for asking me to go on the course, I can’t overstate how valuable I have found the time and the 1-2-1 time with Tim as well. We have had a very productive few weeks!”

– Paul Burton, MD at pbmedia