LSIP report identifies 20 priority areas to deliver region’s workforce of the future


After months of working with hundreds of the region’s businesses about the future of work and the skills needed, our Devon & Somerset Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) team is delighted to publish our full report.

Click here to see the full plan, along with detailed feedback and case studies by businesses involved.

Jointly led by Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Somerset Chamber of Commerce, the Government-backed LSIP was implemented to find out what employers need to access a skilled labour market equipped for the future of work.

The result is a progressive plan which sets out 20 key priorities to deliver from this point on, so that schools, colleges and universities produce the right skills to give Devon and Somerset businesses the best possible future workforce.

The published plan details the key areas that will be prioritised in the coming months. Those priorities range from ensuring businesses’ voices are constantly heard in education with meaningful two-way communication to improving digital skills in education, recognising that using digital technology is now an essential requirement for everyone at work.

A detailed roadmap for the region has been drawn up for how the 20 priorities will be delivered, working with businesses and education providers – colleges, universities and schools.

Somerset Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Emma Rawlings, said: “The Devon & Somerset Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) is a starting point to finally crack our skills provision struggles. 

“Over the past months, we have spoken with employers representing a wide spectrum of sectors. Despite the variety of business types, they are almost all universally challenged by barriers  which prevent them from accessing the right kind of skills training for their needs.

“Our LSIP is not just a survey to produce yet another report. It is about addressing the barriers to skills and challenges that hold our region back and putting the foundations in place to fill them.”

Devon & Plymouth Chamber CEO, Stuart Elford, said: “The foundations of that potential lie in our region’s natural assets and sheer scale of innovation taking place here. We’re a Blue Peninsula defined by our sustainable relationship with the water that serves as an international base for global brands leading in marine technology.

“The Heart of the South West offers UK plc the opportunity of world-class regenerative growth. But only with a skilled workforce fit for the future.

“With a membership of hundreds of meaningfully engaged employers and working alongside/liaising with other employer representative bodies to represent a wider range of businesses, the two Chambers have been able to get to the heart of what employers need in the future while maintaining a healthy dialogue with the education sector.”

Click here to download the full report.