Meet our Devon & Somerset LSIP ERB Steer Group

The ERB Steer Group is established by Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce (DPCC), in collaboration with Somerset Chamber of Commerce (SCC) as designated owners of the Heart of the South West Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP).

The ERB Steer Group is established to support in the delivery of the LSIP in the Heart of the South West region, by:

  • Representing the employer voice and being the official conduit for post-16 skills recommendations to providers of adult skills training.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the LSIP Roadmap to ensure employers’ interest and engagement in the LSIP development process translates to a significant degree of influence as the Plan is taken forward.
  • Promoting and fostering meaningful input to the ongoing LSIP development process, including through stakeholder engagements.
  • Monitoring the LSIP Action Plan whilst also horizon scanning for new priorities, emerging skills gaps and key sectors in the region.
  • Supporting the LSIP team with the development of annual reports to Department of Education and to help determine content and focus for the next stage of LSIP after March 2025.

Meet our Steer Group

Ronnie Carter, LSIP Project Executive (Chair)

Emma Rawlings, Somerset Chamber of Commerce

Scott Jenkins, Somerset Chamber of Commerce

AJ Eaton, representing GCAP

Paul Singer, representing Maritime SW UK

Karen Woodward, representing Engineering UK

Ruth Lambert, representing FSB Somerset

Carmen Hanif, representing FSB Devon

Toby Parkins, representing Tech SW

Gemma Selley, representing PMG

Andrew Hanson, representing Somerset EPB

Corinne Matthews, representing LEP Aerospace board

Download our ERB Steer Group Terms of Reference